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Smart Diver

Find a mask that fits.

The most common problems we see with divers that struggle during their first dives stem from an ill-fitting mask. A poorly fitting mask will allow water to leak in, cause discomfort to your face and nose, and can hinder good airway control. 

Masks are very much personal gear. That means you should find one that fits your face and stick with it. We have a great variety of masks in our shop for this very reason. Work with your instructor or dive store staff to find the perfect mask for your face!

Slowwwww down.

Diving is, in many ways, a lazy sport. We try to move as little as possible to conserve our air and to avoid scaring away marine life. All of your movements in the water should be slow and methodical. Far too often we see divers thrashing about trying to fix buoyancy issues, gear tangles, etc. 

If you have an issue, stop, think about it, and then fix it in a controlled, methodical manner. Your tank will last longer, marine life will come closer to you, and most importantly, you’ll be a safer diver.

Don’t be dangling.

In open water training we emphasize the need to be streamlined in the water. That means tucking in dangling gauges and alternates.

Not only will this help you maintain a better, more efficient profile in the water, but you won’t accidentally damage delicate marine life like coral and sponges with your gear. 

We, and most dive shops, offer an assortment of clips, lanyards and fasteners to help you avoid having dangling gear.

Divers News

Oct. 31st, 2018

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    RECALL: Zeagle Recalls Sport BCD Inflators Due to Automatic Inflation Hazard   Zeagle is issuing a quality alert due to the possibility that buttons on the Zeagle Sport BCD inflators may break or fracture leading to a rapid loss of air or auto ...
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