Our trip begins at Le Meridian Pyramids Hotel in Geza (suburb of Cairo).

The view out of your window will be the main Pyramid.

The trip will cover tours of the Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum, Citadel and the El Khalili Bazaar while we are in Cairo.

7 nights, six days on the Emperor Superior liveaboard travelling to the Elphinstone Reef (diving with sharks) and the St John’s shoals

Drive through the desert to Luxor and board the Sonesta Moon Goddess Nile Cruise ship for 3 nights. 

Tours will include the Valley of the Kings, Karnak temple, and other temples as we cruise south on the Nile to Aswan.

A trip to Egypt’s second most important ancient site (after the Pyramids) – Abu Simbel.

It was a monument built by Ramesses II and his Queen, Nefertari and is considered the most beautiful of all the Egyptian temples.

The Abe Simbel tour includes a flight from Aswan to the temple site.

Most, but not all meals will be included.

Tours will be guided (except the Bazaar).  

$4,750.00 Cdn (based on double occupancy).  


Wednesday Oct 2

Depart from N. America

Thursday Oct 3

Arrive in Cairo. Transfer to Le Meridien Pyramids, and enjoy the view! Depending on flight arrival, some sightseeing may already be scheduled for today.

Hotel overnight.

Friday Oct 4

Full day tour of Cairo including the Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum, Citadel and Khan El Khalili Bazaar. Hotel overnight

Saturday Oct 5

Mid-day flight to Hurghada.  Evening embarkation of the liveaboard Emperor Superior. Overnight in port and very early morning departure, after clearing by the Coast Guard.

Sun – Fri Oct 6 – 11

6 days of 3 – 4 dives/day (2 dives on the last day). Enjoy a Southern Red Sea itinerary: the sharks at Elphinstone Reef, and the unique topography of St. John’s Reef.  Boat returns to port afternoon of last day.

Saturday Oct 12

Disembark from liveaboard and drive along the Red Sea and through the desert to Luxor.  Embark the Nile Cruise Ship “Sonesta Moon Goddess”, your home for the next 3 nights, lunch on board, visit Karnak Temple, called by some “the Temple of Temples.” It is the largest place of worship ever built. Its ancient name Ipet-Isut means “the most sacred of places.” The temple, or, more correctly, the complex of temples, was built over more than two thousand years by generation after generation of pharaohs. Within the complex, the great “Hypostyle Hall” is an incredible forest of giant pillars covering an area larger than the whole of Notre Dame Cathedral. Proceed to the graceful Temple of Luxor built by Amenhotep III and Ramses II for ritual and festivals and dedicated to the god Amun. Dinner and overnight on board.

Sunday Oct 13

After breakfast on board, cross to the West Bank of the Nile and visit the wondrous Valley of the Kings, a vast city of the dead, where the magnificent tombs of 62 pharaohs have been discovered. The tombs were carved deep into the desert rock, richly decorated and filled with treasures for the afterlife of the pharaohs. Visit several of the tombs. Next, visit the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. This beautiful monument to the reign of the only female pharaoh rises out of the desert plain in a series of terraces and merges with the sheer limestone cliffs that surround it. On the way back stop at the famed Colossi of Memnon, two 66ft, 1 thousand ton statues of Amenhotep III. These colossal statues were known by the ancient Greeks to emit haunting voices at dawn. Though damaged by nature and ancient tourists, the statues are still impressive. Return to the cruise ship and sail to Edfu. Lunch and dinner and overnight on board.


Monday Oct 14

After breakfast, set out by horse-drawn carriage to visit the Temple of Horus, the largest and most perfectly preserved of all the Nile temples. Horus, also known as Haroeris, was the falcon-headed solar war god. Return to the cruise ship, sail to Kom Ombo, lunch on board. This afternoon visit the Temple of Sobek, the crocodile-headed god of fertility and creator of the world. The temple stands at a bend in the Nile where, in ancient times, sacred crocodiles basked in the sun on the riverbank. Sail to Aswan, dinner and overnight on board.

Tuesday Oct 15

After breakfast, disembark and start a tour of Aswan High Dam, Egypt’s modern example of building on a monumental scale. Next, proceed to the granite quarries which supplied the ancient Egyptians with most of the hard stone used in pyramids and temples. The quarries still hold the Unfinished Obelisk, possibly intended as a companion to the Lateran Obelisk, originally at Karnak but now in Rome. It would have weighed over 1,100 tons and would have been the world’s largest piece of stone ever handled. Continue by a short motor-boat ride to the Temple of Philae on the island of Agilka. The temple was dedicated to Isis, sister/wife of Osiris and patroness of the Ptolemaic rule. Transfer to your hotel in Aswan, dinner and overnight at hotel.

Wednesday Oct 16

Early in the morning, check-out and take a breakfast box to the airport. Transfer to Aswan airport for your flight to Abu Simbel, visit Nefertari temple of Abu Simbel, originally cut into a solid rock cliff, in southern Egypt. In the 1960’s, the building of the Aswan High Dam would have submerged both temples. Between 1964 and 1968, a massive undertaking was carried out in which both temples were dismantled and moved 213 feet (65 metres) up onto the plateau of the cliffs they once sat below and re-built 690 feet (210 metres) to the north-west of their original location. This initiative was spearheaded by UNESCO, with a multi-national team of archaeologists, at a cost of over 40 million US dollars.  Great care was taken to orient both temples in exactly the same direction as before and a man-made mountain was erected to give the impression of the temples cut into the rock cliff.

Return flight back to Cairo via Aswan. Upon arrival to Cairo airport, you will be transferred to your hotel for overnight.

Thursday Oct 17

Return flight to Toronto

Must arrive to Cairo by Oct. 3rd  2019 by 17:00 am

  • Assistance with flights, hotels, tours for $100/pp
  • Extras: meals not listed, additional dives, tips, alcohol, airline baggage fees, trip insurance, 
  • $1000.00 deposit per person to hold a spot
  • Subject to change before final payment