What you are going to learn

You will learn specialized techniques associated with the adventure dives you will complete including deep and underwater navigation diving. Other skills often include wreck diving, enriched air diving, and peak performance buoyancy.


Three dives will be done on the first day, and two dives on the next.   

What You’ll Need?


  • Must be a certified Open Water Diver 
  • Be 12 years or older


  • Full basic scuba diving gear, plus a delayed surface marker buoy (DSMB), a cutting tool, and other equipment you may need depending on the specific adventure dives chosen.
  • We offer students an equipment rental package priced at $150 for the weekend.
  • This includes your two air tanks, weights, BCD, wetsuit, regulator with integrated computer, hood and gloves. If you do not own a mask, snorkel, fin and boots, it is an extra $60 for the weekend.  
  • The price does not include: air fills, parking fees, accommodation and transportation.  

Cedar Point
ON, Canada