Congratulations! You are almost a diver!

DATES: You may attend any certification weekend! The results are the same on each

LOCATION: Diving sites vary, but will be within a 2 hour drive of the GTA. Close to Toronto there are great dives waiting! Most locations have parking fees or park entry fees.

STAFF: Our professional team of PADI dive leaders will guide you through a fun-filled weekend of diving ensuring your enjoyment and safety. Then they’ll complete the paperwork so that you can apply for your certification card (c-card).
The cost of the instructional staff is $74.50 per day ($149 per weekend) per diver.

EQUIPMENT: A list of the scuba diving gear you’ll need for the weekend is attached.
It can be rented from Scuba 2000 for a special, one-time-only new diver rate of $120 (Saves $40). Our exclusive ‘1, 2, FREE!’ rental discount plan still applies (every third rental is free)!
Pick up your rental gear the Tues, Wed or Thurs before your dive weekend AND have a practice session in the pool (Tue or Thur). Pool time must be pre-booked and is only $10.
Personal gear (mask, snorkel, fins and boots) is $45 extra.
Air tank re-fill cost is $10 per fill. You will most likely need 2 fills.

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